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Upcoming Changes

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Latest Changes

  • FIXEDRegistration Page - Registrations working again
  • FIXEDUser Settings - Profile image should be working once again
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Performance improvement
  • NEWForget Password - Account recovery details can now be retrieved by username or email address
  • NEWBuy Page - Diversification rule change
    • The current diversification rule prevents a player from spending more than $10,000 of their total funds in a single trade.
    • This has been changed to 20% of total funds.
  • NEWArticles Page - 8 new articles added to the Articles tab (use "Show LATEST articles" link)
    • Investing In Silver - 7 methods to gain exposure to silver
    • CFD Trading Example - Flight Centre (FLT)
    • If I Could Only Invest In One Thing...
    • The S&P/ASX 200 Index (XJO)
    • Trading the ASX 200 Index: ETFs, CFDs, Futures and Options
    • S&P/ASX 200 ETFs: STW, IOZ, VAS
    • What are E-Minis Futures? How do I Trade Them?
    • Physical ETFs vs Synthetic ETFs
  • ADDEDSite - General enhancements
  • NEWArticles Page - 9 new articles added to the Articles tab (use "Show LATEST articles" link)
    • Top 5 CFD Trading Mistakes
    • ETF Trading
    • Should I Buy Gold Now?
    • High Frequency Trading
    • Investing VS Trading
    • Making Money In a Bear Market
    • Make Money Trading The Share Market
    • What is a Trading Robot?
    • How to Trade FOREX – Beginners Guide
  • FIXEDAll Ordinaries stock list has been updated
  • NEWArticles Page - 9 new articles added to the Articles tab (use "Show LATEST articles" link)
    • How to Trade Like a Professional Trader
    • How to Trade FOREX – Beginners Guide
    • Should I Invest in Gold? Pros and Cons of Precious Metal Investing
    • What Shares Should I Buy?
    • How to Budget Your Money
    • Investing in Cloud Computing Stocks
    • Which Credit Card Should I Get?
    • 8 Steps to Financial Freedom
    • How to Get Out of Debt
  • NEWArticles Page - Ability to show only new articles using "Show LATEST articles" link
  • NEWArticles Page - 24 new articles added to the Articles tab (including Fundamental Analysis series)
    • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
    • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks: Qualitative Factors of the Company
    • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks: Qualitative Factors of the Industry
    • Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors, Book and Price to Book Ratio
    • Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors, Earnings Per Share (EPS)
    • Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors, Price to Earning (P/E) and PEG
    • Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors, Short Interest
    • Warren Buffett: A genius investor, a philanthropist, and a role model for citizens
    • Benjamin Graham: Father of value investing
    • Peter Lynch
    • Phillip Fisher

    • How To Pick Growth Stocks?
    • What are Income Stocks? Best Income Stocks for 2010
    • Building a Investment Portfolio Strategy
    • Can I Make Money Day Trading? How to Become a Day Trader?
    • Stock Market Investing and Share Market Tips
    • What Is Ethical Investing?
    • Guard Your Portfolio With Defensive Stocks
    • Short Selling Explained: What is Short Selling
    • How Much Do I Need to Invest in Shares
    • High Dividend Stocks

    • Can I Retire on 1 Million Dollars? Is it Enough?
    • The Covered Call Strategy
    • CFD Tax Treatment
  • ADDEDGame Info - Updated ASX trading halt days for 2011: (see: ASX trading calendar)
  • ADDEDArticles Page - New and multi part articles are more easily identifiable via colour tags
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 8
  • ADDEDGame Info - Game 6 and Game 7 winners added to leaderboard page
  • ADDEDBuy / Sell Page - Improved validation
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - Portfolio items not being displayed for certain games
  • FIXEDGame Info - Improved multi game support
  • FIXEDSite Info - Textboxes no longer reziable in Google Chrome
  • FIXEDHome Page - Feature box join now roll over button problem
  • NEWCompetitions Page - Game 7 Announced
  • NEWArticles Page - 17 new articles added to the Articles tab (Technical Analysis)
    • Technical Analysis Indicators: Leading versus Lagging Indicators
    • Trend Following Indicators - Part 1: What Is a Trend?
    • Trend Following Indicators - Part 2: Trading The Average Directional Index (ADX)
    • Trend Following Indicators - Part 3: The Directional Movement Index (DMI)
    • MACD Indicator Explained
    • Technical Analysis - Momentum Indicators: ROC, Stochastic & RSI
    • The Relative Strength Index RSI Indicator Explained
    • Stochastic Indicator Explained
    • Momentum Following Indicators: The TRIX Indicator
    • Volume Following Indicators In Technical Analysis
    • Volume Indicators: On Balanced Volume (OBV) Indicator
    • Volume Indicators: Money Flow Index (MFI) Indicator Explained
    • Volume Following Indicators: Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) Indicator
    • Technical Analysis: The Secret of Moving Averages Explained
    • Learn How To Trade Support and Resistance Levels
    • Technical Analysis: Parabolic Stop and Reversal (PSAR) Indicator
    • Technical Analysis: Stop Loss & Trailing Stop Loss Orders
  • NEWArticles Page - 7 new articles added to the Articles tab (Technical Analysis / Charting)
    • Line Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • How to Read a Candlestick Chart
    • How to Read Point and Figure Charts
    • How to Draw Trend Lines on Stock Charts
    • What are Stock Gaps & How to Trade Them
    • How to Read & Trade Chart Patterns
  • ADDEDCompetitions Page - Added prize money details for Game 7
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - PlayerTracker issue with Mr Samual Monk
  • FIXEDCompetitions Page - Join buttons rounded for Safari & Google Chrome browser
  • NEWTools Page - Tools box on right hand side of dividends show casing various tools, the first one being "Compound Interest Calculator"
  • ADDEDHome Page - Past winners are now scrollable
  • ADDEDArticls Page:The Magic of Compound Interest - Compound interest calculator
  • ADDEDSite Info - Added extra information links to the bottom of the website
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 7
  • FIXEDSite Info - Top navigation display problems for Safari browser
  • NEWArticles Page - 9 new articles added to the Articles tab (Derivatives / CDFs)
    • What are CFD’s and why trade them
    • Direct Market Access (DMA) VS Market Maker (MM) - The Pros & Cons
    • CFD Margin Requirements
    • CFD Trading: Calculating Overnight Interest Payments (Financing fees) with example
    • CFD Trading: CFD real life examples with calculations (Long & short)
    • The Pros & Cons of Trading CFDs
    • CFD Trading Risks: Learn the risks associated with trading CFDs
    • How to Choose the Best CFD Provider for You
    • Learn How To Trade CFDs: Developing a system that should make us money
  • ADDEDReport Bugs And Suggestions Page - Further improvements to layout with coloured tags to identify answered and updated issues. Added ability to expand individual issues by clicking on their descriptions.
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - All ordinaries (Profit / Loss Since Inception) now displays correctly and uses competition start date
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - PlayerTracker links, Top Gainer links and Your Stats ranking links now work correctly
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - PlayerTracker works correctly across all games
  • NEWGame Info - Game 6: The Investors Challenge
  • NEWGame Info - Master Account Game and Game 5 competitions continues
  • NEWGame Info - Game switching is now more prominent, situated near the username / logout link
  • NEWRefer a Friend Page - New tab added for page that allows you to refer a friend by importing email contacts and also check which friends have accepted your referral.
  • NEWRefer a Friend Page - Information on benefits of referrals such as "Collect 10% of ALL Your Friends Cash Forever!" can be seen on the page
  • NEWPortfolio Page - The Investors Challenge widget to show how many trades left
  • NEWPortfolio Page - Refer a friend widget dispalyed
  • NEWPortfolio Page - "Did you know..." widget dispalyed under refer a friend for tips about the game
  • NEWSite Info - New homepage layout
  • NEWSite Info - Sharing / Social bookmarking link added at the top right hand corner of each page
  • NEWSite Info - Page styles optimized for efficient rendering
  • NEWUser Settings Page - System notification messages that appear at the top of the website can be reset so you can see quickstart and other system messages once again
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - New poll question
  • NEWReport Bugs And Suggestions Page - Improved layout of issues with the ability to expand and collapse issues using the "Expand all issues" link
  • NEWArticles Page - 10 new articles added to the Articles tab
    • The Magic of Compound Interest
    • Options Trading: Call Options Explained
    • Options Trading: Put Options Explained
    • Options Trading: Why Trade Options?
    • Components of an Option
    • Options Trading Examples
    • Understanding Option Pricing Fundamentals
    • Options Trading Strategies
    • Options Trading Risks
    • Trading Options Seminars: What You Will Learn in a Teaser Seminar
  • ADDEDCompetitions Page - Competitions tab is now visible whether signed in or not
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Articles are now categorised and breadcrumb navigation has also been added
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 5
  • ADDEDUser Settings Page - Reset Account will now only work for the Master Account and will not be available for other games
  • ADDEDTools Page - Link to your current paid dividends
  • ADDEDSign Up Page - Only one account per email address check
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Page - CheckerBox now shows the number of days played
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - Share Trading list legend now has halting stock key
  • ADDEDSite Info - The current time is now displayed in green for when market is open and red for when market is closed
  • FIXEDDividends Page - Some dividends were incorrectly showing more than once
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Playertracker will now work across multiple games
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - CheckerBox is more efficient (reduced bandwidth)
  • FIXEDPorfolio Page - Watchlist overall change is now showing correct percentages
  • FIXEDPorfolio Page - Current users online overlapping issues on smaller screens
  • FIXEDPorfolio Page - Search display improved, double line company names now handled
  • FIXEDPorfolio Page - IE8 now uses native rendering engine
  • FIXEDBuy Page - Estimated cost now uses the ask price if available
  • FIXEDSite Info - When the page expires, upon signing in again, you will be redirected to the page that you were last viewing
  • FIXEDSite Info - Fixed some page styles
  • FIXEDSite Info - Fixed icons that were degraded
  • FIXEDSite Info - The timezone abbreviation will adjust accordingly depending on the current daylight saving time
  • FIXEDSite Info - Improved navigation rollover delay
  • NEWGame Info - Master Account Game and Game 5 competitions announced and ready to play
  • ADDEDGame Info - Game 2 and Game 4 winners
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 4
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - Message box dynamically updated
  • FIXEDSite Info - Fixed some page styles
  • NEWCompetition Page - Added Game 4: The Eliminator (Amended competition rules, with dates for each week)
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - A poll for members to vote on potential stockwatch features and other topical questions. The poll question gets updated fortnightly
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Page - Can now view Game 4 weekly results
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - Watchlist is now sortable with arrow indicating sorting column
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - The Stock Trading List will highlight stocks that are currently in your Share Portfolio Items [Suggestion:68]
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 3
  • ADDEDCompetition Page - Game 4 join status indicator (Note: All Game 3 players are automatically registered for game 4)
  • ADDEDGame Info - Updated ASX trading halt days for 2010: (see: ASX trading calendar)
  • FIXEDUser Settings Page - Can no longer reset account for certain competitions
  • FIXEDGame Info - When a competition has finished and is no longer available in the drop down list, the main competition will now be shown instead
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - Oops error when visiting portfolio page due to notification history problem
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - Optimized page to load times
  • FIXEDUser Settings Page - "Reset Account" now clears the watchlist and playertracker data
  • FIXEDGame Info - Previously selected competition from last session wasn't always being applied
  • FIXEDGame Info - Better Last login date checking
  • FIXED[Bug:80] - Share diversification link missing on StockWatch Share Points System page
  • FIXED[Bug:77, 78, 79] - Can now access game 3
  • FIXEDSite Info - XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
  • NEWPortfolio Page - Watchlist
  • NEWPortfolio Page - Notification history enhanced with paging
  • NEWArticles Page - 8 new articles added to the Articles tab
    • Managed Funds - Choosing the best fund for you
    • Managed Funds or Direct Shares
    • Asset Classes
    • Dollar Cost Averaging with Example Calculations
    • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
    • Choosing a Finance Advisor
    • Introduction to Index Funds
    • Investment Vehicles - Best way to invest your money?
  • ADDEDUpdates Page - Update tab is now visible whether signed in or not
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Leaderboard page would cause an error when you first signed up
  • FIXEDGame Site - Fixed content errors
  • FIXEDGame Site - Daylight saving time taken into account
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Stats - Money Earners
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Stats - Mr Samuel Monk
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Stats - Game 2 Leaders
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Stats - Top Gainers Today
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Stats - PlayerTracker, the ability to track up to 10 players
  • NEWGame Info - The competition that is shown upon signing in is now dependent on the previous selected competition from your last session
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Page - PlayerTracker - Includes Gain Today
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Page - Selecting your rank or a player in your PlayerTracker will navigate to and highlight the appropriate entry on the leaderboard
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - When clicking your rank, the CheckerBox in the leaderboard now works
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - PlayerTracker textbox now gets cleared after adding players
  • FIXEDGame Info - IE7 buttons are now displayed properly
  • FIXEDGame Info - Switching between competitions didn't work in certain situations
  • FIXEDGame Info - IE7 emulation mode removed from all pages except portfolio page
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Enhanced leaderboard functions such as paging no longer causes a full page refresh
  • NEWGame Info - Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported, as such a warning message is displayed to all IE6 users
  • ADDEDGame Info - Twitter link added to footer of the page
  • ADDEDReport Bugs And Suggestions Page - Automatically detects browser version to be included as part of reporting
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Some players were incorrectly highlighted on the leaderboard
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Your player rank link now takes you to the correct leaderboard position
  • NEWPortfolio Page - Top 5 Gains / Losses, this replaces the "World Markets" section
  • ADDEDGame Info - Competition drop down list styling enhanced, to make it more clear which compeition is currently selected
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - "Portfolio Details" panel now includes the All Ordinaries points
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - "Share Portfolio Items" Day's Gain was showing the incorrect value
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Layout and settings enhancements
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Layout was not saving properly when switching games, as a result all players must set their layout size again
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Automatically saves and retains resizing settings
  • ADDEDArticles Page - Newsletter 2
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Game 3 paging now works
  • FIXEDCompetition Page - Game 3 competition information updated
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Minor layout issues
  • FIXEDDividends Page - Some dividends were not appearing and showing the wrong processing date
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - New leaderboard layout with excel export
  • NEWGame Info - Multiple competitions support (accessible via the dropdown list located at top right hand side of the page)
  • NEWGame Info - The ability to buy or sell a stock will now depend on whether there are buyers or sellers available respectively using bid and ask pricing
  • NEWCompetitions Page - Ability to join multiple competitions
  • NEWPortfolio Page - Portfolio Details now shows "Compound Annual Growth Rate", the average amount of money made in one year
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Leaderboard now depends on competition type (points system vs value system)
  • NEWLeaderboard Page - Checkerbox now shows proift gain for the last 130 days
  • NEWGame Info - Twitter integration throughout the site to keep you informed of the latest changes, problems and issues found
  • NEWGame Info - Status indicator (top right hand side) when changing competition or navigating the game menu
  • ADDEDBuy / Sell Page - Ask and bid prices are now shown, estimated total calculation is now based on these prices
  • ADDEDTools Page - Upcoming Dividends table has a new column "Curr. Div Yield"
  • ADDEDCompetitions Page - Each competition has a status indicator
  • ADDEDDividend tables - Are now sortable with arrow indicating sorting column
  • ADDEDPortfolio Page - Share Portfolio Items table now has an arrow to indicate sorting
  • ADDEDReport Bugs and Suggestions Page - Recently updated issues are now indicated in red with a * marking
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - Notification history items marked as pending are now one single updated entry
  • FIXEDPortfolio Page - Estimated Total was incorrectly including dividends total amount
  • FIXEDTools Page - Dividends are now shown up until the record date
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - CheckerBox now correctly displays the last 130 days
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Table didn't expland properly
  • FIXEDLeaderboard Page - Checkerbox IE6 rendering issues
  • FIXEDUser Settings Page - "Reset Account" now clears the dividends data
  • FIXEDUser Settings Page - "Reset Account" resets account on a per competition basis
  • FIXEDLogin Page - A login status message is now displayed at the top to show whether the login attempt was successful or not
  • NEWLeaderboard page now shows "Game 2" points and ranking
  • FIXEDNotification History dividend entry with pending action was showing the wrong time
  • FIXEDShare Portfolio items first column wasn't sorting
  • FIXEDReport bugs and suggestions page new and pending issues weren't ordered correctly
  • NEWPortfolio items on portfolio page can now be sorted - [Suggestion:47]
  • NEWUser Settings page has a newsletter subscription option
  • NEWArticles page now includes a link to the newsletters
  • ADDEDPortfolio itrems has total under Mkt Gain column - [Suggestion:49]
  • ADDEDReport bugs and suggestions page now splits issues into New, Pending and Resolved
  • ADDEDPortfolio Detials shows a link for dividends instead of an icon to make it more clearer to see
  • ADDEDDividends page now shows estimated total for pending dividends
  • FIXEDSelling stock shows minus sign for brokerage fee
  • FIXEDPending dividends were not showing up when stock was not in "Share Portfolio Items"
  • NEWShare portfolio items can now be sorted
  • NEWThree new articles added "Franking Credits", "Share Jargon" and "Diversification" to the Articles tab
  • NEWCheckerBox for IE8 users, improving the leaderboard page performance
  • ADDEDPortfolio page now displays the competition name
  • FIXEDLogin page button now indicates logging in indicator
  • FIXEDLeaderboard page Checkerbox now appears when mouse is icon for a short period of time to avoid accidently putting your mouse over the icon
  • ADDEDLeaderboard page will show a dollar sign icon next to competition winners. Hover over the icon to see actual amount won.
  • FIXEDLeaderboard page now shows user display pictures in the CheckerBox
  • FIXEDCompetitions page layout
  • FIXEDMaximum amount allowed per stock wasn't using the latest trade price
  • FIXEDClock was being updated too often in the background
  • FIXEDStatic content uses external site
  • FIXEDOptimized some images
  • FIXEDBuy / Sell error messages now displayed when required
  • FIXEDLeaderboard page was taking to long to load for IE8 users
  • NEWTwo new articles added "Dividends" and "Ex-Dividend" to the Articles tab
  • FIXEDNotification history displaying incorrect time for dividend payments
  • FIXEDOptimized copy to clipboard by only loading it when needed
  • FIXEDOptimized clock method
  • FIXEDOptimized last site modified method
  • FIXEDOptimized portfolio page to make fewer initial requests
  • FIXEDInternet Explorer 8 compatibility fixes
  • FIXEDCheckerBox session timeout problem now redirects to login page when session expired
  • FIXEDUser Settings page containing javascript error
  • NEWLeaderboard page has a "CheckerBox" feature hover over a users name and get stats about their points
  • NEWUser Details and Settings tab merged into new "User Settings" tab
  • NEWTools menu item - Showing all upcoming dividends
  • ADDEDNew stocks codes to share trading list: PAN, TWD, OMH, UOS, AGP, HGG, TFC
  • ADDEDDividends page now shows your stocks paid and pending dividends
  • ADDEDNew stocks codes to share trading list: BOW, GOLD, OZL
  • FIXEDChange your profile image improved and should work correctly in IE
  • FIXEDChanged how javascript was getting referenced in Portfolio page
  • FIXEDJavascript wasn't working for certain pages due to MbCompression problem
  • FIXEDArticle pages display an ad for the stockwatch game
  • FIXEDTotal Day Net Gain bug fixed for new users
  • NEWNotification History displays initial bought price (B:) for sold items so that it's easier to work out profit/loss
  • FIXEDPortfolio page was not showing ranking for certain users
  • FIXEDPortfolio last updated time was showing incorrect time
  • FIXEDLeaderboard rank link not jumping to correct position for certain users
  • FIXEDRanking display on portfolio page made smaller
  • FIXEDCopy results to clipboard shows extra information and alerts the user when it has been copied to the clipboard
  • FIXEDVarious browser fixes
  • NEWImproved portfolio details panel on portfolio page
    • "Days Total Net Gain", showing your gain for the current day compared to your previous days gain
    • All Ords profit / loss since inception - [Suggestion:29]
    • Shows your current ranking
    • Dividends total with listing
    • Layout divided into 3 distinct sections [ Current | Profit / Loss Since Inception | Today ]
  • NEWDividends with dividends listing
  • NEWArticles tab containing Stock Investor related material
  • NEWUser Details page now allows you to update your email address
  • NEWPortfolio page now shows the time the portfolio was last updated - [Suggestion:27]
  • NEWPortfolio page "Stock Trading List" now shows Change column for stocks
  • NEWPortfolio details can now be copied to clipboard using "Copy results to clipboard" link
  • ADDEDLeaderboard page now displays a link to add a display picture if one is not present already
  • ADDEDLeaderboard page now displays your rank as a link so you can jump to your position in the leaderboard
  • FIXEDLatest Trade page wasn't formatted correctly
  • FIXEDLatest Trades page now excludes stocks that have been removed
  • FIXED"Share Portfolio Items" Day's Gain / Day's Gain percentage uses calculated profit / loss value until next market opening time
  • FIXEDVarious browser quirk fixes
  • NEWUser Details page allows you to add a profile image (avatar), this image is also displayed on the Leaderboard Page - Initial trial version
  • NEWLatest trades now displays latest sell trades - [Suggestion:26]
  • NEWStock market closure handling on ASX trading halt days: (see: ASX trading calendar)
  • NEWCompetitions tab containing newly announced competitions
  • NEWContact Us link added to top right navigation
  • ADDEDRegister page displays message indicating a valid email address is needed to claim prizes
  • ADDEDPortfolio page "Portfolio Details" now has a clickable link to the latest all ords value
  • FIXEDRenaming of navigation tab Info / Updates to Updates
  • NEWTrading halt on stocks that cannot be currently traded
  • FIXEDLeaderboard has extra players that are not eligible to win the prize
  • NEWReset button has been added to Settings page
  • FIXEDThe Points System "Consistent Trading" section changed to "130 day rolling period"
  • FIXEDSpacing between links on the top right hand side of the page
  • ADDEDLeaderboard now displays ranking at the top of the ladder
  • FIXEDPortoflio items listing "Total Day's Gain" column stretching too long
  • FIXEDShoutbox longer to show more messages at once
  • FIXEDSession deletes properly
  • FIXEDPassword recovery captcha was not working
  • FIXEDLeaderboard layout issues
  • NEWPortfolio pending items can now be canceled within a certain time frame, please check note under "Share Portfolio Pending Items" for details - (By popular demand) - [Suggestion:8,17]
  • NEWLeaderboard now displays your last daily points - [Suggestion:21]
  • NEWSign up page now has a username availability checker
  • ADDEDBuy / Sell button gets disabled while processing transaction
  • ADDEDPretty dialog boxes - http://abeautifulsite.net/notebook/87
  • ADDEDSmooth scrolling for links Portfolio navigation bar - http://flesler.blogspot.com/2007/10/jqueryscrollto.html
  • ADDEDLatest trades now displays company name as a tooltip for stock symbol
  • ADDEDAll main images are now in PNG format
  • FIXED[Bug:11] - Notification History price now matches "Price At" in Stock Portfolio listing
  • FIXED[Bug:12] - Buy / Sell stock price specified up to 3 decimal places wasn't allowed
  • FIXED[Bug:13] - Various prices that were 3 decimal places were displayed as rounded up 2 decimal places
  • FIXED[Bug:15] - Report bugs and suggestion descriptions now scroll properly
  • FIXED[Bug:18] - Leaderboard Est. Total was incorrectly showing $0.000 when there was a cash total
  • FIXED[Bug:19,20] - Should be able to buy and sell stock without getting an error
  • FIXEDShare Portfolio listing showing incorrect Next Processing time
  • FIXEDHome navigation tab wasn't highlighting when on homepage
  • FIXEDSync problem, Notification History items will now only display transaction information after Share Portfolio Items have been updated
  • FIXEDScrolling issue when automatically navigating to the Share Portfolio Pending Items when stock is purchased or sold
  • FIXEDShare Portfolio Pending Items now sorted correctly
  • FIXEDPortfolio market index points now displayed as 2 decimal places
  • FIXEDBuy / Sell cash available was returning $0.00 when session ended
  • FIXEDLeaderboard sorted by Rank, Estimated Cash and username
  • FIXEDPublic holiday points removed
  • FIXEDCompetition Rules some items removed not relevant anymore
  • FIXEDIE6 layout isses - Front page, Leaderboard, Shoutbox, search results
  • NEWHome page shows hourly best and worse stock performers
  • NEWHome page shows Top 5 players
  • ADDEDBuy and Sell pages now have a more info link next to stock code
  • ADDEDThe Report Bugs and Suggestions table is now sorted by latest dated issues
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Mr. Samuel Monk icon and link
  • ADDEDIneligible players updates
  • ADDEDAdded testing framework MbUnit - v3.0a5
  • FIXEDReporting of bugs and suggestions was missing username
  • FIXEDPortfolio details alignment problems
  • NEWIntroducing Mr. Samuel Monk - The Resident stock picking monkey
  • NEWImproved portfolio details panel now including the day's gain and all ords information
  • FIXEDBuy and Sell icons less jagged
  • FIXEDSearch hint problem
  • FIXEDSome invalid stock codes have been removed
  • FIXEDMarket status now only updates around 10AM and 4PM and works correctly in IE6
  • FIXEDLeaderboard moved calculation fixed and now sorted properly
v1.1 - (All changes from release v1.0) plus:
  •  Note: Users should no longer experience selling problems when using at limit
  • NEWNew prizes to be won - see competition rules
  • NEWThe time displayed at the top of the page now updates in realtime
  • NEWSearch hint added to Stock Trading List
  • ADDED"Found A Problem?" link at to the top of the page, so isues or suggestions can be reported
  • ADDED"What's New" replaces the New Features message and includes the last updated date
  • ADDEDLeaderboard Rank and Moved merged into one cell
  • ADDEDAdded Sector column to portfolio pending items
  • ADDEDReporting bugs layout improved, added reported by column and colour coded status
  • ADDEDStock codes found in the various tables now link to the information page about the stock
  • ADDEDThe navigation tabs have been rearranged in order of importance
  • ADDEDDocumentation updated
  • ADDEDTerms & Conditions and Privacy Policy added
  • ADDEDVarious notes and messages throughout the game
  • ADDEDVarious cosmetic changes to the site
  • FIXEDBanner in Portfolio was missing the click more link
  • FIXEDAvg points incorrectly calculated
  • FIXEDShoutbox display whitespace
  • FIXEDBug where user was not able to sell an item at limit when time was 10AM
  • FIXEDBug where portfolio page would show an error page for certain times in the day
  • FIXEDBug where portfolio pending items total was incorrectly displayed it now is colour coded
  • FIXEDIssue ID: 6 - Quotes incorrectly displayed
  • FIXEDInfo / Updates page was incorrectly displaying the colour coded changes
  • NEWDocumentation - Rules | Game Info | Points System | FAQs
  • NEWNew competition details
  • NEWShoutbox with improved layout no longer requires you to enter your name
  • NEWLeaderboard now displays the points table
  • NEWImproved Notification History displaying easier to read messages
  • ADDEDShare Portfolio items now shows the sector
  • ADDEDPortfolio Pending items now shows a total
  • ADDEDColumns renamed for various tables
  • ADDEDShare Portfolio Pending Items now displays the time when the item will be processed
  • ADDEDWhen buying / selling the portfolio pending item will be highlighted
  • FIXEDSearching Stock Trading List now displays how many items found with improved layout
  • FIXEDNotification history items better description of previous vs current
  • FIXEDBug leaderboard table arrows weren't displaying properly
  • FIXEDBug where multiple logins had problems
  • FIXEDBug when trying to sell a stock and an error occurred no message was displayed
  • NEWSkin (blue) for website with improved layout (css sprites)
  • ADDEDPassword recover has improved message boxes added
  • FIXEDSearch box now clears itself on page reloads
  • NEWSkin (blue) for website
  • FIXEDVarious cosmetic bugs
  • NEWSkin (orange) for website with improved layout
  • NEWPoint system for leaderboard
  • NEWSearchable and sortable Stock Trading List on the Portfolio Page
  • NEWView all Notification History items
  • ADDED"New features" notifcation expires within a certain amount of time
  • ADDEDMessage boxes to display errors, notifications etc
  • NEWShoutbox - By popular demand can be found on the competition ladder page
  • NEWReport a bug feature
  • ADDEDCustom error messages
  • ADDEDAutomatically taken to the Portfolio page when returning to the site
  • ADDEDUser portfolio data stored for logging purposes
  • FIXEDBug where the user is still logged in when on the login page
  • FIXEDBug where the opening price should be used instead of last trade price at the start of the day
  • FIXEDVarious bugs and made the site XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
  • FIXEDRemember Me will no longer time out a user like in previous versions, it will keep the user logged in
  • FIXEDForget password email link and formatting of email
  • FIXEDBug in Info / Updates page showing the wrong user
  • FIXEDRemember Me now working correctly
  • NEWAbility to now remember login so you don't have to keep logging in
  • NEWVerification service for forget password and registration pages
  • FIXEDVarious bug fixes

  • NEWInformation page outlining competition rules and new updates to the site
  • NEWUser details is now available with the ability to change password
  • NEWForget password function is now available

v0.1 - v0.3
  • NEWTest versions