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Share Trading Game Introduction

Most experts will tell you that paper trading is a fantastic way to learn how to invest in shares, to test out new techniques or systems before trading on the "live market". The time spent is well worth it! Beginners usually lose a lot of money on share trading basics such as trading too frequently and not thinking about brokerage costs. It's best to familiarise yourself and sharpen your skills before trading on the live market.

StockWatch Trading is a learning tool that helps facilitate this. StockWatch Trading simulates the share market on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Our aim is to make trading on the market as close to the real thing as possible, without the risk of losing any of your own money. We want to make investing fun and exciting, while giving you the opportunity to learn through testing and interactions with other share investors like yourself.

Best of all, Its FREE!

What can you do with StockWatch Trading?

StockWatch Trading allows you to manage your own fantasy share portfolio, worth a fictitious $50,000. You can trade by yourself or compete with your friends and workmates.

StockWatch Trading is still new and we are always adding new features that will enhance your trading experience.

We hope that these additions can help build confidence, knowledge and familiarisation of the market.

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Features of StockWatch


  • Allows you to buy/sell shares
  • Keeps a track record of your trades
  • Keeps track of your share portfolio - Your total profit/Lost/brokerage fees
  • Test trading strategies
  • Compare yourself to other traders
  • Its FREE!

Coming Soon

  • Graph tracking
  • Game setup - allows users to setup new games so you can invite your friends or be invited to other games
  • Adding Dividends
  • Conditional Orders such as Stop-loss orders
  • Trade EFTs
  • Trade Options
  • Trade CFDs