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Introduction to Investing

Investment is a simple ideal but a difficult practice. It carries the thought of putting money or assets toward a cause, business, or product with the expectation of appreciation. Essentially, anything that you put money towards and expect to grow is investing whether it is the purchase of gold bars, shares in a chopstick factory, managed funds, or lending 20 dollars to your eccentric scientist neighbour for the construction of a new invention.

Others will differentiate the investing category further by classifying traders and investors. Investing is generally thought of as a longer term process. The investor may be more interested in the fundamental strength of the product instead of any short term price action you can plot on a chart. A trader is more interested in a quicker flip of the product for the difference. More often though, we use these terms interchangeably without discrimination.

In the section on investing you will learn the broad concepts that make up a good investment plan. A good strategy will match your desired investment time frame, level of risk, and more. As well, you can expect to learn about how investing smarter can require far less work and capital than the common bad habits many employ. Some common investment vehicles will also be discussed. This is an excellent section to begin your financial journey with.

Investing Articles

How to Budget Your Money
Although a budget can be an overwhelming task, It needs not be once you break it down into manageable steps.
Which Credit Card Should I Get?
Choosing which credit card to get will depend if you pay out your balance every month or if you carry them over.
8 Steps to Financial Freedom
Do you have the dream of financial freedom? How do you achieve this goal of financial freedom? What are the strategies? Here are the 8 steps you can take.
How to Get Out of Debt
There is nothing quite as crushing on a person’s spirit than the overwhelming burden of debt. So how do you get out of debt? Here are some considerations:
Asset Classes
The 3 main type of asset classes includes shares, property, fixed interest. Which asset class should you invest in? Each of the asset classes above have their own risk/return profile.
Dollar Cost Averaging with Example Calculations
Dollar cost averaging involves buying assets at different prices by making regular deposits. As a result, you purchase more units when prices are low and fewer when prices are high.
Choosing a Finance Advisor
Unfortunately, finding a good financial advisor is not as simple as it should be. Where to look and questions to ask.
Investment Vehicles – Best way to invest your money?
Before you can know how to best invest your money you need to first make a plan. Choose an investment vehicle/s that will best reach your invest goals.
Planning Your Investments
Before you go straight ahead and invest your hard earned money, make sure you have an investment plan. What is your time frame? What is your risk appetite?
Magic of Compound Interest
Albert Einstein called it the 8th Wonder of the World. Compound interest is one of the most basic and powerful concepts that can enhance the outcome of your investments.
Can I Retire on 1 Million Dollars? Is it Enough?
One million dollars has been the benchmark for individuals saving for retirement. But is one million dollars enough to live comfortably on? You might be surprised by the answer.